• Habits of people with clean homes
    It’s almost officially Fall; Wednesday September 22nd will mark the first day of Fall and after a dry Summer here in the Pacific Northwest I think our landscape will drink up the impending rain. Personally, I love Fall because it’s such a cozy time of year. I enjoy sitting on the couch drinking my morning … Read more
  • Buying a new vacuum?
    I hope you and your Family are having a wonderful Summer! This blog post is all about vacuum cleaners. If you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner for your home continue reading for a discussion about the important features to keep an eye out for. The type of vacuum cleaner you need … Read more
  • Do I need to tidy up for my appointment?
    “How much should I clean up before my appointment?” This is a question we are frequently asked by prospective clients. To some this may seem like a waste of time-what is the point in cleaning before paying for your house to be cleaned? And I would agree, don’t clean prior to us arriving, let us … Read more
  • Finding the best cleaning service provider for your home
    I love Summertime! It has a way of slowing everyone down just a bit as we settle into a slightly more relaxed pace for the next couple of months. Dinner prep is moving outside and being cooked on the BBQ, the Sun is out (hopefully), days are longer, the kids are playing outside with friends and Summer vacations are happening. Whether your Family stays local … Read more
  • Do not mix products!
    Remember how I said in the introduction I basically have been cleaning my whole life? Ok maybe a slight exaggeration, although I’m confident I was helping with cleaning as soon as my Mom felt I was capable. And I am learning that can happen early because my Son, Corbin, who is 20 months old, loves to help me clean. He really enjoys spraying cleaner on the counter and wiping it … Read more
  • Introducing: Citrus. A blog by Caliber Cleaning.
    Hi! Welcome to Citrus. Thank you for stopping by, pour yourself a cup of coffee (you can guarantee I have one!) and enjoy reading my tips and tricks for cleaning and home maintenance. I am going to touch on cleaning, cleaning related product reviews and recommendations, organizational tips, fun holiday tips when the time comes and maybe … Read more