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About Caliber Cleaning

Thank you for visiting our home on the web. We are delighted to have you here and look forward to helping you with your cleaning needs. My Mom and I began Caliber Cleaning, Inc. in November of 2006 out of our family home in Lynnwood, WA. At the time I had just graduated from College and was very intrigued at the idea of starting a cleaning business. I cleaned A LOT growing up. Between chores at a younger age and then cleaning for Family and Friends as a teenager, cleaning was something I enjoyed doing and knew how to do well. When I approached my Mom with my business idea and suggested we work together she was on board and Caliber Cleaning was born. I can still remember sitting on our Living Room floor with papers strewn about as we brainstormed the perfect name for our Company. This was the same Living Room we sat in while we filed for our business license and ordered our first vacuum for the Company. It was an exciting time with many more exciting times to come. In the early days, my Mom and I did all the cleaning ourselves. From house cleaning during the day, to commercial cleaning and move out cleanings at night it was a busy time. We often recount memories from over the years and say how we could write a book! Things have grown quite a bit from those early days, and our focus now is strictly Residential Cleaning. However, one thing remains the same, my Mom and I truly have a passion for cleanliness and enjoy bringing that experience to our clients every day.

We feel that a home is a sanctuary. A relaxing (maybe sometimes chaotic) space where we spend time with the ones we love making memories and traditions. From lazy Saturday mornings to busy weeknights with homework, dinner parties with friends, Holiday get togethers and everything in between. Those four walls hold your nearest and dearest and it is our great honor to bring our clients more free time to spend with their loved ones making those memories and traditions.

Whether you are looking to hire a local house cleaning service for your home or want to take a DIY approach, we hope you find valuable resources to assist you in achieving a clean home here on our site. Take a look around, we have cleaning tips over in the Blog Citrus., we have gift cards for purchase, online booking, FAQ’s and a Contact Us form if you would like to chat further.

From our home to yours, we hope you have enjoyed your time here and we look forward to the possibility of seeing you again in the future,


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