Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Caliber Cleaning, Inc. is your answer for Professional House Cleaning. Why? Because that is what we do. Residential occupied home cleaning. Period. We do not provide any other types of cleaning; we focus all our attention on residential occupied home cleaning so that we can provide the best house cleaning services to our clients. Here at Caliber Cleaning we place emphasis on the professionalism of our Company and quality of service we provide. You want to feel good about who you are inviting into your home. From our easily identified company cars to our professionally uniformed team and regularly sanitized equipment, you can rest assured our thoroughly vetted and trained team members will treat your home with respect.

Getting started is easy! Enter your information and details for your home on our booking form, along with when you want us to come and how often, then rest easy knowing cleaning is off your to-do list! Prefer to chat with someone in person before filling out the form? We would love to talk with you! Give us a call at 425-877-5918 or send us an email at

You can expect to receive reminder emails and text messages leading up to the day of your appointment. On the day of your service, you can expect to receive a text message when your team is on their way. They will arrive to your home in an identifiable company car. The team will unpack their totes and cleaning equipment then head to your front door. If you are home the Supervisor will introduce themselves along with their team members. If you are not home the Supervisor will access the home via the access method you provided (key, garage code, door code, etc.) and they will get to work being Your Secret Weapon to a Clean Home!  When the team has completed their work, you can expect to walk thru your home and find polished fixtures, vacuum lines in your carpet, nicely fluffed pillows, straightened beds and a fresh smell of citrus in the air.

Absolutely! We have Field Operations Managers that do periodic quality checks in homes at the end of cleanings. You may even see owners Briana Short or Giovanna Norde pop in! They like to know that a quality job is always being done. Between follow up client satisfaction emails after every booking, phone calls to check in every couple months and Field Managers making site visits, client satisfaction is paramount to our business. We want our clients to feel they made a great investment in the cleaning of their home and therefore we are proud to offer our Caliber Guarantee. In the event you are unhappy with our work please contact us within 24 hours and we will return the next business day to address any issues with the cleaning.

For clients who choose Weekly and Bi-weekly service we try to keep your day/time the same. For clients who choose every 3 weeks and Monthly service we pair your home with other homes in the area the week your cleaning falls.

Yes, every home is different, and we understand this. One of the benefits to our clients when hiring a professional house cleaning service like Caliber Cleaning is that we have a client profile for each of our clients where we make notes of specifics and particulars. For example, “don’t clean the bedroom on the right upstairs”, “we have a Cat named Whitney and she is an indoor only cat”, “please use our floor cleaner that is under the Kitchen sink”. We use an app where the notes associated with each job are available to your cleaning team. The team reads the notes prior to every cleaning so if you have been a client for a while and have a change in your home (i.e., new pet, new flooring, change in number of rooms we clean, etc.), we update your notes, and the team is aware prior to arriving.

The more surfaces we have available to us to clean, the more thorough of a job we can do. If our team does not have to spend time picking up in order to begin their cleaning, they will be able to spend more time cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Our rule of thumb for surfaces is 12 items. If any given surface has 12 items or less, we will pick up each item and clean underneath it. If a surface has more than 12 items, we will clean around them.

We make every effort to send the same team to your home for every appointment. However, things do come up, a team member may take a vacation, not have childcare for a day, etc. Our focus is on keeping our clients schedule as consistent as possible. In the event your normal team is not available we make every attempt to send one of our other teams so that you still receive your service on the day you are used to. Our teams are made up of one Supervisor and one to two Cleaning Technicians. If one Cleaning Technician is out, we may put another Cleaning Technician in their place with the Supervisors team that is normally in your home. Additionally, we rotate our teams every couple of months to ensure we always have more than one team trained on your home.

We have a multi-step process that we move applicants thru to ensure that they are not only a great fit for our team, but also a great fit for our clients. Our process includes application, opinion survey, interview, reference checks and background check. We take our selection of team members very seriously and turn away any applicant that does not meet our strict criteria for each level of our process. All team members are employees of our company, we do not use independent contractors.