Covid-19 Protocols

  • Contactless Booking and Payment

  • New Cleaning Cloths

  • PPE

  • Process

  • Social Distance

  • Staff Screening

Contactless Booking and Payment

Through our online booking form we offer contactless booking and payment.

New Cleaning Cloths

Freshly sanitized cleaning cloths are used in each home to prevent the transfer of germs. Our cleaning cloths are professionally cleaned by a laundry service after every use. Additionally, our supplies and equipment are routinely sanitized as well.


All team members are wearing face masks, gloves and shoe covers. In addition to the PPE being worn, hand sanitizer is kept in our cars and used between homes.


If you are home during your cleaning appointment, please help us maintain our cleaning process. It can become confusing for our teams when we are asked to do areas of the home out of order throughout the cleaning, and it increases the chance of an area or task being missed. We are happy to clean one or two rooms upon arrival, to completion including floors, so you and your Family have a space to be undisturbed while we work. Please speak with the Team Supervisor on site to arrange this.

Social Distance

We are asking that our clients who are home during their cleanings will maintain social distance protocols from the team members completing their cleaning. If social distance cannot be achieved, we ask that clients please use a face covering.

Staff Screening

To keep our teams and clients healthy we continue to monitor our team members for any signs of illness. Additionally, we ask that clients let us know if anyone in their household becomes ill so that we can reschedule their cleaning.