How to clean your Bathroom like a Pro!

Today we are going to chat about Bathrooms…Cleaning your Bathroom like a pro to be exact. This is probably one of the most dreaded chores on the list of house cleaning for people. And while I can’t make scrubbing the toilet fun, I can hopefully make it go quicker 😊 

You know that uncoordinated and out of sync feeling when you do something infrequently? But then once you do said thing more often it becomes easier and quicker, then suddenly you could do it with your eyes closed? I think of learning to ride a bike as a Kid. When I was first learning I didn’t feel coordinated AT.ALL. I hadn’t done it before; I didn’t know what to do and everything was new. As I practiced more and more, I started to get into a groove and eventually didn’t need help any longer. The same can be true for many skills in life; both simple and complex. Fast forward to today and I haven’t ridden a bike in years! Now if I were to hop on a bike again, I would probably feel that same unsure feeling at first, but I think it would come back to me with some practice.

I liken this analogy to training new team members on how to clean using our process. Whether they have experience or not, we have a set process for each room in a home that we use in our business, and everyone is required to follow it. This can be difficult for those with, as well as without, cleaning experience because cleaning is something that most people have a general idea of how to do (or think they do haha!). However, not many people clean the same way, and that is why we have our process. The first few times using it new team members usually don’t like it. They want to clean the way they know how to clean instead of trying to learn a new process. However, usually by the end of their first few days, they are starting to memorize the process and eventually don’t even need the sheet. The repetition of cleaning the same room each day using the same process makes it second nature very quickly.

Now I know you won’t be cleaning up to 15 Bathrooms a day like some of our Cleaning Techs. But if you don’t have a process you tend to waste a significant amount of time thinking about what to do next. Time is wasted by making more trips around a room than necessary or leaving the Bathroom because you forgot a tool or a cleaner. The amount of wasted steps really adds up when a process isn’t being followed. Once you have a process and do it the same every time it get faster and faster, while making sure the details are getting done.

If you hate cleaning your Bathroom because it takes forever, I think this will help you out.

So if you’re more the DIY type when it comes to cleaning your home, or if you have your home professionally cleaned and are looking to do maintenance cleaning between professional cleanings use this easy-to-follow list to clean your Bathroom quickly and thoroughly. There are two versions below; one detailed version of each step and one condensed version of the steps. Read thru the detailed version then print the condensed version and put on your Bathroom counter next time you’re cleaning your Bathroom.

I recommend doing this every 2 weeks to keep the build up at bay. Let’s get started!

Tools you will need:

  1. 5-7 microfiber cloths
  2. Scrubbing pad (non-abrasive)
  3. Scrub brush
  4. Toothbrushes (2)
  5. Toilet brush
  6. Cobweb duster that will reach your ceiling
  7. Your favorite cleaners (glass cleaner, all purpose disinfectant, shower cleaner, toilet cleaner)

Estimated time: 25-40 minutes based on Bathroom size and build up

I have outlined the steps in detail here, and then below have a condensed version:

  1. Using cobweb duster, make 1 trip clockwise swiping wall/ceiling corners, ceiling vents/fans and tops of baseboards
  2. Remove obstacles (garbage cans, scales, rugs, magazine racks and anything else on the floor)
  3. Spray any tough spots in your tub/shower with your shower cleaner to let it soak
  4. Starting at your vanity, spray a microfiber with all purpose disinfectant and damp wipe your light fixtures if needed (these can get hot so turn off and sure they are cool to the touch first)
  5. Spray your mirror with glass cleaner and wipe clean with dry microfiber cloth.
  6. Using the all-purpose dampened microfiber that you used for the light fixtures, wipe switch plate/outlet covers, towel holders within reach
  7. Spray the sink/counter/faucet with all purpose disinfectant then take your scrubbing pad and scrub the countertop/faucet and sink bowl. Then take one toothbrush and scrub the base of the faucet. Using a dry microfiber dry/polish.
  8. Using the same microfiber, come down and wipe cabinet/drawer fronts.
  9. Repeat if you have two vanities
  10. Continuing clockwise around the Bathroom wipe anything you pass such as switch plate/outlet covers, towel holders, picture frames, window sills, etc.
  11. When you arrive to the tub/shower, spray with your shower cleaner and scrub walls with the scrubbing pad or scrub brush. Rinse and dry, polishing faucets and shower heads.
  12. Use glass cleaner to clean shower door if applicable.
  13. Repeat if you have a separate tub/shower.
  14. Move to the toilet (toilet is always last to reduce cross contamination). Lift lid and put your toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl and scrub with toilet brush, making sure to get under rim. Spray toilet top to bottom with all purpose disinfectant. Use 2nd toothbrush and scrub hinges by toilet seat. Grab a clean microfiber and wipe toilet tank/lid/seat and base clean.
  15. Dampen a microfiber with all purpose cleaner and make one trip around your bathroom to damp wipe baseboards.
  16. Finish by vacuuming then mopping the floor.

Condensed steps:

  1. Cobweb dust
  2. Remove obstacles from floor
  3. Pre-spray tub/shower if needed
  4. Wipe light fixtures
  5. Clean mirror
  6. Clean counter/sink/faucet
  7. Wipe cabinet/drawer fronts
  8. Repeat if you have two vanities
  9. As you pass them, wipe all switch plate/outlet covers, towel holders, pictures, windowsills
  10. Clean tub/shower, glass door if applicable
  11. Repeat if you have a separate tub/shower
  12. Clean toilet
  13. Damp wipe baseboards
  14. Clean floor

If you commit to doing this process every two weeks you will certainly keep your Bathrooms in great shape. For the week in between cleanings, take two microfiber cloths and spray both with your all-purpose disinfectant cleaner. Make one trip around your Bathroom wiping all surfaces. Think counters, faucet/sink, smudges on cabinets, top of shower door or ledges in tub, swipe the baseboards and use a separate microfiber to do a quick toilet wipe down. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

Cheers to a clean home!

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