Cleaning Tips

  • To remove built up food and grease from your microwave fill a small microwavable dish with water and put it in the microwave, microwaving it for 1 minute. This will help to loosen food particles and substances stuck inside and will make it much easier to clean.
  • Clean your counters more thoroughly. Instead of giving them a wipe down with a cloth that will glide over any stuck on food/substances, purchase a non-scratch scour safe for your counter type and give them a good scrub with your favorite cleaner. Run your hand over the counter to ensure all the stuck on food and grime is gone.
  • Have a window above your sink that has blinds? Pull the blinds up when doing dishes to prevent stains and spots on your blinds. The window and surrounding frame is a lot easier to clean then each individual blind slat.
  • To clean a soap dish that has a lot of soap scum built up, soak it in cleaner and water for 10 minutes then use a non-scratch scour to remove the residue and wipe clean.
  • Having a difficult time removing hair and dust from your toilet tank and other ledges on the toilet? Wipe it down with your cleaning product & cloth, then use the hose of your vacuum to go over the toilet and suck up any stray hairs and dust.
  • To get a deeper clean around the base of faucet handles and drains use a toothbrush with your favorite cleaner. The little bristles of the toothbrush will get in those hard to reach areas.
  • Have a glass shower enclosure? Use a squeegee after showering to remove water from the glass surface to reduce water spots and build up.
Living Areas:
  • Trying to remove pet hair from your cloth or microfiber furniture? Vacuum brushes and attachments aren’t always the most effective. To get the most hair off try putting a rubber cleaning glove on your hand and wipe your hand over the couch, this helps to gather the hair. Lint rollers also work great. If you don’t have rubber gloves or a lint roller you can try a damp cloth as well. This method also works for cloth or microfiber throw pillows.
  • Are your heat register vents looking dusty and dirty? Pull them up and soak them in a bathtub full of warm water and all-purpose cleaner. After letting them soak, air dry them on a bed of towels. Use a cloth to wipe the individual slats where necessary to remove build up.
  • Have a pet that loves to sleep on your comforter? Put the comforter in the dryer for 20 minutes on an air fluff cycle with a scented fabric sheet to freshen it up and remove pet hair. This works for blankets as well.
  • Dusty baseboards? Use a cloth dampened with water and hand wipe the top ledge and face of the baseboard. To keep up the cleanliness going forward use your vacuum crevice tool to remove loose dust and hair so it can’t build up.