About Caliber Cleaning

Founded in 2006 by a Mother and Daughter, Caliber Cleaning Inc. is a business that has been built locally in the Pacific Northwest. Starting with Mother, Giovanna Norde, there was a consistent emphasis on cleaning and organization growing up in her household. Being one of four children cleaning was a constant chore that she became accustomed to. Living in a clean and orderly home was simply a way of life.

As Giovanna grew up and moved into her own home and had her Daughter, she passed this way of life down to her Daughter, Briana Norde. Briana loves living in a clean space and would look forward to cleaning as a child. In fact, one of Briana’s highlights as a child was to move all of her bedroom furniture into the center of her room so she could hand wipe her baseboards and detail vacuum the room then oil her furniture, clean her window tracks and organize her belongings. The satisfaction that comes from having a freshly cleaned space is a feeling that she loves having and would clean frequently growing up.

Not only is she used to cleaning in her own home, she is also surrounded by a family that places a lot of emphasis on cleaning. Her Uncle, Giovanna’s Brother, would always clean his house on Thursdays. Any given Thursday that you might visit, the lights were on high, the music was up and cleaning was in full swing. Giovanna’s Mother used to clean homes in retirement to stay busy and active. Giovanna has two Sisters; one Sister lives in Montana and owns a Commercial Cleaning company, Covert Cleaning Inc. Her other Sister used to also clean homes for family and friends.

As Briana grew up she cleaned houses for family and friends throughout high school. Once she was close to graduating college she decided she wanted to start her own business so approached Giovanna about starting a cleaning company. She knew they both had a vast knowledge of proper cleaning and techniques and figured it would be a fun thing to do together. Giovanna was in full agreement and shortly thereafter Caliber Cleaning, Inc. was founded on November 1st, 2006. Caliber Cleaning has grown significantly since those beginning days, but one thing remains the same, Giovanna and Briana have a passion for clean spaces.


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